How email marketing is used for lead nurturing?

Email Marketing remains a potential business activity that has the power to transform the way organizations engage with their customers. This is an excellent strategy to increase ROI and nurture leads for increased engagement and enhanced conversions.

What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is a process of building relationships with prospects that can become potential customers. The strengthening of such valuable relationships occurs progressively at every segment of the sales funnel, taking customers on a journey from the point they inquire about products and services to the point where the customers are ready to buy or subscribe to the service.

Companies engage in email marketing typically to nurture customers in a personalized manner. Recent statistics from a reputed international business consortium states that Email marketing campaign helps companies make up to 420% in ROI on the total spend; i.e., a return of around 42$ for every dollar spent. This stat shows the value of email marketing approach, when it comes to lead generation and increased ROI.

Email Marketing Tips to Nurture Leads in 2022

Personalize the content in the email marketing campaign

Personalization is no longer an option but is mandatory in an email marketing campaign. A Personalized message is often seen as a reliable trustworthy communication by prospects. It is imperative to make Prospects feel important when reading through an email. When a person feels important, they tend to engage better and quicker.

“According to research, 91% of customers are likely to shop from brands that provide them with personalized, relevant, consistent recommendations and offers”

With the help of the right email marketing tools, companies can segment their email list based on different buyer personas. This will help them customize their offerings for each buyer persona separately. The strategy is to use dynamic messages that cater to each customer differently. Dynamic emails tend to have dynamic-parts that are personalized for each customer, this motivates customers to be guided to take appropriate actions.

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Utilize drip campaigns approach to nurture leads

To retain brand value in the mind of customers, Personalized and actionable emails, offers, recommendations, greetings, and other types of emails are usually sent. With a drip campaign approach, customers receive a series of emails and messages automatically based on event based triggers or specific actions that are set up. This allows customers to receive the right emails at the right times, this keeps leads nurtured and healthy until they are converted to be valuable customers.

Develop engaging and powerful CTAs in email marketing

CTAs (Calls-to-action) are playing important role in email marketing strategies. This is the point where the process of nurturing leads starts, CTA should be attractive enough for companies to give their prospects a good reason to engage and enquire about the products and services. Lead conversion happens only when a customer engages through a CTA. Attractive CTAs motivate customers to precisely take that action.

Include passionate content in email marketing

Customer engagement can be improved by posting content in the way of blog posts or relevant web content that might address the pain points customers generally have.

However, just posting of blog pages aren’t enough. Whenever a relevant content is added to the website, accompanying that with perfectly aligned emails to customers with links to the blogs tend to have a positive effect on nurturing leads.

If you send meaningful and helpful content to prospects regularly, this result in improving the respect and trust a prospect has over the company its products and services.

Request Feedback

Requesting feedback from prospects and customers through preference centers helps in winning more deals for the company. Generating Leads and Prospects need not be just a green field effort along, it can happen through existing customers by way of receiving feedback for existing products and services. This approach is a proven method to develop a healthy lead pipeline.

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