Features of appRevenue.io

Cool Features of appRevenue.io

Take your email marketing strategy beyond the inbox with our appRevenue.io

Create Dynamic Emails

appRevenue.io includes an easy drag & drop builder, so you can design smarter emails within a few minutes. If you want to start fast, you can upload pre-defined HTML templates to begin a marketing campaign.

Automate Targeting

appRevenue.io helps you build clients trust and increase engagement with an advanced email automation solution. You can send personalized and targeted emails to your customers or users without any hassles.

Bulk Emails

Enterprises are looking for a tool like appRevenue.io. It has an automated email trigger that helps you send thousands of emails simultaneously. You can set up different email campaigns at the same time.

Save Efforts and Investments

appRevenue.io automation tool allows you to schedule messages so that you can stay in touch with your customers always. It creates certain impacts that drag more new customers or clients into your court. Email marketing is cost-effective and saves more effort consistently.

Easy Dashboard

It has a built-in analytics dashboard so that you can track the performance of your email campaign. You can get a unified view of your teams and their activities. You can manage all team members through the appRevenue.io dashboard.


appRevenue.io is a responsive marketing automation tool. Access it through all the desktop and mobile devices. This tool gives superior support to both the sales team and the marketing team.

Customer Service

appRevenue.io marketing tool offers 24/7 customer support. Enterprises can feel easy with the instant replay feature of appRevenue.io. Helps you work without any interruptions, this is a primary aim of customer service support of appRevenue.io.

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