Guidelines for Conversion rate in Email Marketing

Ever since Emails came into existence, email marketing has taken the centre stage of traditional marketing approaches. This is an easy way to engage with prospects while also developing relationships with existing clients.

The role of email marketing is to generate Quality Prospects. The email marketing conversion rate is a fundamental KPI that enterprises need to measure and improve consistently to increase sales and ROI.


What is conversion rate?

Conversion rate of email marketing is the total percentage of audience who engage with the company by completing a specific action after opening an email addressed to the audience.

Methods to improve email marketing conversion rates

  • Segmentation
  • Use suppression lists
  • Choose the right cadence
  • Write smart subject lines
  • Create attractive CTA’s
  • Keep your template simple
  • Monitor performance metrics


Companies create engaging emails, with smart and interesting subject lines with effective CTAs , However, if these are addressed to the wrong audience the quality of Emails will not result in good conversion.

Segmentation is censorious for ensuring their emails go to the right ones to increase their chances of conversions. Whatever they are promoting or whatever call they want the customers to take from the emails need to align with the table of contacts they send it to.

The Ideal drivers to segmenting customers are based on things like

  • area of interest
  • product
  • level of engagement
  • buyer persona

Email marketing tool offer a segmentation feature as a basic function to ensure ease of working on customer data.

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Use Suppression Lists

While companies use segmentation to choose the audience, Suppression lists are created to exclude a group of audiences from receiving emails.
This ensures the emails are not sent to obsolete audiences that would contribute to not only lower the conversion rate but also eventuate in lowering the brand value.

Choose the right cadence

Cadence is frequently used in marketing to mean a Sequence or a Sequence of Steps in the customer journey.

The total outreach by the companies will be dependent on the size of their list of services or products, their overall marketing approach, tactic or plan and the time it takes to ensure their customers engage on the product or service.

Companies pick a cadence as per the plan and then stick to it to drive results. Consistency is necessary because it will help their customers and audience getting used to seeing their emails on specific time intervals. In common practice this would help drive healthy engagement. The Cadence is also adjusted based on the current market trends, and the maturity of the specific audience segment.

Write a smart subject line

Believe it or not, email marketing conversion starts with a subject line. The subject line is the first thing a customer will see even before opening an email.

A Compelling subject line should be intriguing and engaging to add value to the email intent and content.

Create Attractive CTAs

CTA’s are Call to Action’s – Generally these are buttons with highlighted texts placed within the body of email’s to ensure the customer would engage with the company by clicking on these buttons.

There are thousands of optimal ways to highlight a link or offer email content. They have to use call-to-action buttons in-between the content to generate leads. CTA’s are generally designed in  a creative manner, with interesting and compelling phrases that would ensure the customer engages with the email.

Some very common and simple CTA’s are “contact us”, “download now”, “click here”, “Sign up for a demo”, etc

Insert some good CTA’s as an example here – make it look stand out – do not put simple ones here

Keep Your Template Simple

Companies need to create decorated templates with images, color, graphics and other attractive modules. Informative email templates will generate certain leads. Today, most email marketing tools offer email templates. Some tools help them upload templates from various sources. When it comes to lead generation and conversion, enterprises have to make a simple and engaging template to attract visitors.

Monitor Performance Metrics  

While email conversion rates are their ultimate goal, Metrics should include (a) bounce rates, (b) open rates, and more. Performance metrics will show them what works best for their customers.

The above-listed approaches help companies to focus on email campaign and associated KPI’s.

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