Role of AI in Future of Email Marketing

Marketing today is dominated by advanced technology tools. The email marketing approach is a traditional one but now it becomes a handy tool because of its AI and marketing automation features. Deliver greater support to especially small businesses because it’s more cost-effective than other marketing approaches. Email marketing automation is ...
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Omni channel marketing automation

How to increase ROI using Omni channel marketing automation

According to research, a customer experiences more than 6 to 7 touchpoints right before developing an intention to purchase with a brand. Companies are trying hard to sell services and products. Companies would implement a lot of professional marketing approaches to generate qualified leads. Omni-channel marketing is a buzzword that ...
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marketing automation in B2B

High-impact tactics to drive more sales by using marketing automation in B2B

Today, over half of B2B businesses have been using marketing automation technology. It shows that 53% of companies have been using B2B marketing automation solutions to stay in the competition. Sales have been a key thing that needs by any company or industry. mail marketing is an optimal approach to ...
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email marketing strategy

Effective ways to bring personalization into email marketing strategy

As a marketer or businessman, you know how powerful email marketing is to retain customers and acquire new customers for your business. We’re living in a world where advanced technology has already made its mark. As a businessman, you have to try hard to taste success from your every effort ...
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New trends evolving in email marketing 2022

New trends evolving in email marketing 2022

Due to heavy competition, businesses have been forced to find innovative ways to keep the momentum of their business growth. Competition forces you to seek out the best marketing strategies to reclaim your position and gain new ground in the business. Email marketing is a top-tier approach used by most ...
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