Different types of email marketing campaign through apprevenue

All the enterprises are likely to adopt with initiative and smartest platform for growing business. Email marketing automation platform works sophisticatedly for brand promotions, business growth, and customer acquisition with the help of elegantly designed email templates.

Reach out to customers with the world’s best email marketing platform is a smart choice for any enterprise. Most enterprises would like to connect with appRevenue.io that delivers seamless features. This one includes an easy drag & drop editor designed to create different types of emails in a few minutes.


Different Emails and Different Purposes

Successful email outreach creates a strong relationship between customers and enterprises. Pretty clear, informative, and business content helps organizations make business relationships with targeted customers.


Welcome Email

The appRevenue.io tool’s drag drop editor helps enterprises design welcome email templates. This one creates a personal touch and a good impression. Welcome emails can convince and attract customers to do business with enterprises.

According to the report, Welcome emails have prior open rates and click-through rates than other forms of marketing emails.



Many enterprises use newsletters as the foundation of email marketing. The appRevenue.io helps enterprises create newsletters to reach out to targeted customers. It helps to nurture existing customers with product or service announcements, events, news, and feedback requests. The appRevenue.io tool makes way for enterprises to send newsletters to a high number of people with a single touch.

Newsletters create an assured impact and brand awareness. Enterprises can utilize appRevenue.io for developing more innovative newsletters.

Dedicated Email

Stand-alone emails are also known as dedicated emails that contain information about anyone offer. This one looks similar to Call-to-Action. The appRevenue.io email automation tool helps enterprises create an invitation or whitepaper about industry events. A dedicated email will reach out entire all customers without a miss.

This one is easy to build and also fast to measure. Enterprises might get benefited through focused call-to-action.


Brand Story Emails

The drag & drop editor of appRevenue.io is powerful and flexible to design any form of email template. Enterprises can convey some points to prospects and customers through brand story emails. The appRevenue.io platform is designed to create and send any type of email including brand story emails.

It builds emotional connectivity that triggers customers to do business with enterprises. Also, enterprises can enhance customer loyalty through it.

The appRevenue.io email marketing automation tool lets enterprises access predefined email templates. The appRevenue.io also allows enterprises to make different types of email.

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