Ways to improve customer retention using marketing automation

The customer retention approach is always crucial to the success of any business. Business people have been trying different marketing approaches to acquire new customers and retain existing ones. Today, many brands are proven to have higher ROI by smartly retaining customers. Customer engagement through marketing automation will bring a lot of benefits to the brand certainly.

In recent days, businesses use marketing automation tools to increase customer retention rates because it’s the most effective option to reach out and stay connected with customers who have made a purchase already with your brand. Marketing automation can deliver an increased customer retention rate so that businesses are likely to adopt it.

Marketing Automation Approaches in Customer Retention

Marketing automation solution has some powered approaches that work towards smartly retaining customers.

  • Personalized Content
  • Lead Scores
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Experience
  • Continued Engagement
  • Offer Value

You can improve customer retention strategies by using marketing automation tools properly.

Personalized Content

A marketing automation tool gathers user data and tracks your customer information from sources such as websites, email, and other social media platforms. This solution aggregates all data and provides a comprehensive look at which pages exactly they visit, which services or products they like, and what information they are looking, for regarding your brand.

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Lead Scores

Some consumers are more engaged with content than other forms of marketing efforts. A data report from a marketing automation solution makes it easier to find which consumers are ready to buy, and which customers may need more nurturing, based on their interaction with your brand. A marketing automation solution has the power to track your consumer’s behaviour and provide lead scores to all your customers, based on their activity. Lead score decides accurately who is going to buy a product from you. Businesses would like to embrace marketing automation for customer retention.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the key factors that has worked to retain customers for any business. One worst experience with your brand might end your relationship with that customer. A marketing automation platform can record the whole story of all your customer interactions. When you have a complete data report of customers, you can provide the best customer service to them.

Customer Experience

Customers might not repeat purchases if the brand is showing a lack of follow-up. Companies need to maintain some form of communication with customers post-purchase. This is important to avoid unwanted risks of running businesses. With marketing automation, businesses can automate follow-up messages at the right point of purchase. Customers could feel so excited when they receive follow-up and greeting messages or emails.

Continued Engagement

Continuing any form of communication with existing consumers will lead to customer retention rate improvement. Marketing automation solution allows the creation of customized and personalized email drip campaigns to existing customers, based on their interactions and personal interests. Every customer will feel great when they receive personalized greeting messages. This will push them back to the brand whenever they want to purchase.

Offer Value

Offering free value to customers will boost them to visit again to the brand certainly. People always would like to get coupon codes, free passes, personalized discounts and more special offers. A marketing automation platform helps you send promotional and special offer emails as per the criteria set by the brand.

Customer retention improvement will make more profits than spending on acquiring new customers. Today, most businesses use marketing automation to retain customers and increase ROI.

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