Latest Strategies of Email Marketing Automation

Today, organizations need to put a bit of effort and time into generating quality leads. The email marketing campaign has been an important strategy to acquire new customers, connect existing customers, and generate leads. Email Marketing is the primary effort when it comes to digital marketing.

The is a fast-growing email marketing automation tool that enables all sizes of companies to send automated emails based on audience segmentation, triggers, pre-configured roles and other prospect attributes. Marketing automation tools are now trending in the world of marketing due to their exceptional ability to reach an audience with the right content.

“More than 59% of companies say email is their major source ROI”

Smart Email Marketing Automation Strategies

  • Understanding email marketing automation
  • Plan out email automation campaign
  • Segment email marketing funnels
  • Create valuable content full of personality
  • Create an attractive CTA
  • Tracking to measure results
  • Don’t give up

Do you want more traffic? The is our leading marketing automation tool that helps you generate customers effortlessly.

Understanding Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation is a great way to build engagement or relationships. Amazing content can help drive a lot of traffic to our website and it will help to increase social engagement and also increase sales conversions. Marketing automation helps them remain in touch with the prospects, helps them build a much deeper relationship, streamlines their entire marketing funnel, and ensures their business remains top of mind for prospects of customers.

“If we spend $1 on email marketing, we may expect up to $41 ROI”

Plan out Email Automation Campaign

If companies want to build a successful email marketing campaign with automation, they have to understand what outcome they are trying to achieve. Figure out their specific goals. With marketing automation techniques, enterprises can create ongoing engagement with their customers and develop a stream of repeat customers. A perfectly planned email automation campaign sets a path to drive more traffic, increase the level of engagement through the social media platforms, build more brand awareness through valuable content, and convert free trial customers into paying or real customers.

The provides you with a planning calendar for campaigns, allowing the marketing team to see how the various campaigns are planned and the prospective dates these will be fired. This helps in keeping a holistic view of the market approach and improving ROI on Campaign efforts.

Segment Email Marketing Funnels

Once enterprises get to know their prospects, they need to keep in mind that all of them are not going to think about the same things. This means that they can’t send the same content to all the prospects. The segmentation process allows them to make groups of their larger email lists into different categories. Segmentation is a primary reason that email marketing is still so powerful. This process also helps to track who is opening their messages. Companies can also gather some information including overall purchase history, demographics, and the number of visits to their website and list will be continued.

The is a part of the True SaaS group of applications brought to market by ERP APPS. The is fully customizable and can connect to your choice of lead gen tools or prospect database, allowing you to segment customers and create high- value targets.

Create valuable content full of personality

One common question will always arrive why would anyone need to read an email from a company? Enterprises have to do much more than just showcase their products or services. They have to make a move to sell products or services. If they want to make it happen, they have to infuse all of their messages with value and personality. Whenever they send an email to a prospect, email should be engaged, attractive, and readable. An email engagement will help companies to drive more new customers to the brand successfully.

The has a highly flexible email editor that allows customers to create responsive email contents and share them across the organization for both transactional out-reach and bulk campaigns.

Create an attractive CTA

After they have crafted a message that is full of personality and value, they have to focus on CTA (call to action). They need to create impressive CTAs in-between the content and the end of the content. CTAs are a gateway to enter into the page of services or products directly. The persuasive CTAs will attract prospects without a doubt.

Tracking to measure results

When enterprises send a series of emails to hundreds of prospects, they need to take the time to measure and test their emails. Companies need to provide A/B testing for all areas of their emails including the content, subject lines, CTAs, and others. Nowadays, all email marketing automation tools come up with a tracking option that analyzes the conversion rates and measures the results quickly and neatly.

The being a group of True SaaS offerings; helps you create several KPI’s and reports to view the impact of your campaigns. Custom reports are created and provided to you on-demand free of cost to ensure maximum usage of the platform.

Don’t give up

Some prospects may not take any call on the first email sent by companies. The perfect email marketing automation tool helps to a re-engagement email campaign which means this automation tool will repetitively send consecutive emails to prospects automatically.


Email marketing automation is designed to make companies marketing efforts easier. The delivers huge support to all sizes of businesses so nobody hates this ultimate marketing automation tool. Enterprises can keep hunting audiences effortlessly by using this marketing automation tool.

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