Role of Email Editor in Marketing Automation Tool

Email marketing is a strong and flexible channel to reach, engage, and convert audiences into prospects. Enterprises have to create smart and responsive email templates for business promotions and marketing purposes. The creation of business email templates is always difficult when enterprises go with HTML codes. Here comes an email editor tool to design and craft any format of email templates without codes.

In this digital age, most email automation marketing tools come up with an attached email builder to quickly draft an email template. The is one of the new email automation products, which includes state of art email builder.


The email builder helps in designing email templates with no coding and fewer efforts. The tool empowers enterprises to send high-quality, responsive emails to selected recipients with the aid of a intuitive email builder.

Basic Functionality of Email Editor

The has a flexible drag & drop editor that allows doing modifications in a ready-made email template.

email editor image

Create an Email Template

Email marketing is a process of reaching a large number of customers with customized emails. Email editor provides features to design a required email template. The drop and drag editor makes the job of designing email templates easy and flexible. Here coding skill is not required, so enterprises can quickly craft and send emails to recipients through automation tool.

Enterprises can add images, text, CTA, social icons and more into email templates. The tool is also compatible with HTML templates imported from a local drive. This is particularly useful for organizations having skilled coders that have developed custom email templates.

Header Graphics and Links

Organizations can use the email editor to add logo and color schemes, and that reflects their brand. This helps establish the brand value with the targeted audience. Enterprises can add content and hyperlinks on templates, this helps in engaging the audience and bringing traffic back into their websites through campaigns. It helps to bring more readers or subscribers or prospects.

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