Bulk Email Campaign through appRevenue.io

Email marketing is obviously a great solution that helps a lot in driving traffic as well as sales. However, enterprises or organizations need the fastest marketing automation tool like appRevenue.io, which helps to create stunning and conversion-ready emails.

Enterprises will get access to prosperous contact insights, so they can deliver more personalized emails and newsletters to valuable subscribers or customers. appRevenue.io is one of the fastest-growing email marketing products in the market. Helps enterprises manage email lists, customer contacts, email templates, and marketing calendars. Open-source integration allows enterprises to connect with any CRM applications.


When enterprises need to communicate an email or message to a large number of customers in the email list, bulk emails are the top-notch option. appRevenue.io marketing automation tool works pretty well for sending bulk emails to thousands of customers at a time.

Bulk Email Sending

The process of design, create, schedule and track email marketing campaigns are simple with appRevenue.io marketing automation. It empowers enterprises to send bulk emails to valuable recipients.

  • With the drag and drop module, they can able to customize their layout, add CTA, images, countdown timer, and modify existing contents. No need for any technical or coding skills
  • appRevenue.io helps them get started quickly with any one of the pre-defined email templates.
  • After target a particular set of audiences, only single-click enough to reach out targeted customers with the support of appRevenue.io
  • Automate and schedule the email sending process with the help of a countdown timer.
  • Allows enterprises to track non-openers and resend the same email with different subject
  • Send automated greeting emails to existing subscribers.
bulk email

Why Bulk Email Process is Beneficial?

Nobody wishes to receive and open generic marketing emails. The appRevenue.io tracks very customers closely, so enterprises no need to think about undelivered emails, non-opening emails and more.

This one helps enterprises to get attention from existing and new subscribers with a bulk email sending process. A bulk email campaign will take part in the growth of the business. When organizations or enterprises want to get more leads, they can follow email marketing campaigns without a doubt.

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