How to start an email marketing campaign

Email marketing is one of the primary ways to communicate with your new and existing customers. It assists you to sell your products, nurture leads, and raise brand awareness. The email marketing approach may be old-fashioned, but it beats technically sound social media, affiliate marketing, and SEO tactics.

When you choose social media and other digital marketing approaches, efforts may go in vain because of algorithm changes. That’s why businesses stay with email marketing efforts. Additionally, email marketing helps you generate website traffic, sales and revenue. And also, it keeps customers engaged and excited about your brand.

email marketing campaign

What is the email marketing campaign?

The email marketing campaign is a process of sending emails from businesses to one or more customers. Recipients will take action if you run an email marketing campaign properly.

Steps to start an email marketing campaign 

  • Create a targeted email list
  • know your goals
  • Understand email types
  • Know your audience
  • Use technology wisely
  • Plan emails and follow up
  • Write your subject line
  • Focus on design
  • Run

Create a targeted email list 

As a marketer, you must have an email list of users who are interested in your brand. You may try to convert your visitors into regular customers or subscribers. Reputed customers will be back to the brand again and again if you execute an email marketing campaign properly.

Know your goals 

Every marketing approach starts with setting goals, and an email campaign is also no different. To run a marketing email campaign, you need to think twice about what you want to achieve. Some typical goals are welcoming new subscribers, boosting engagement, nurturing existing subscribers, re-engaging subscribers, and segmenting your subscribers.

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Understand email types 

It’s necessary to understand what types of emails you can send. There are three popular email types such as promotional emails, relational emails, and transactional emails.

Promotional emails are familiar to us, which indicate sales and offers and other self-promotional. Relational emails have been used for subscribers. Some examples are weekly newsletters, gift emails, and others. Transactional emails are welcome messages, signup confirmations, purchase confirmations, and acknowledgement of changes to subscriber data.

Know your audience 

As a marketer, you need to know your audience deeply, which is important to run an email marketing campaign accurately. You need more data about your customers or audience before entering into campaigns. Customers will be filtered as per their location, interests, and other metrics. When you know everything about your audience, you can win the customer’s trust.

Use technology wisely  

In these modern days, email marketing tools are coming with exceptional features like automation, free templates, integration and more. A marketing email campaign will work faster and more accurately with its features. Using technology, you can send thousands of emails in a few clicks.

Plan emails and follow up 

Once you know your audience, email type, and goals, it’s the right time to plan your first email marketing campaign. You do not overwhelm your customers by sending back to back emails. That’s the important thing. Emails should be straightforward and meaningful. Once you have finalized your email plan, you need to start writing. A good subject line is playing an important role in getting customers to open and click your messages or emails. You should include some catchy words as subject lines to attract customers.

Write the copy  

After writing your subject line, it’s time to craft your copy of email marketing. If you want to get the best results, keep your marketing copy short, and avoid exposing your offers too early. Your marketing copy may be a personal story, something valuable to your readers, a poll, survey, and others.

Email marketing design

Design is now everything. You need to craft an email with exceptional design to impress customers at the first sight. An email marketing campaign needs something special to keep the customers engaged with your brand. Design is a big factor when it comes to sending emails to the bulk audience with personalization. As a marketer, you must take care of design when crafting an email to a particular customer.


Once you have verified everything above mentioned factors, you can run your first email marketing campaign successfully. A business purpose email must include CTA, marketing copy, subject lines, design and layout. Customer retention is heavily possible through an email marketing campaign.

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