New trends evolving in email marketing 2022

Due to heavy competition, businesses have been forced to find innovative ways to keep the momentum of their business growth. Competition forces you to seek out the best marketing strategies to reclaim your position and gain new ground in the business. Email marketing is a top-tier approach used by most enterprises globally.

We’re living in the year 2022. Businesses need a scalable, most effective, and cost-effective digital marketing approach. Email marketing suits well for all types of industries.

New trends evolving in email marketing

However, businesses are expecting trendy features in email marketing to see faster results. Email marketing trends could change customer preference, but you have to handle the email marketing approach smartly.

Let’s talk about new trends in email marketing in 2022.

AI and Automation

Artificial intelligence is a mystery and a buzzword that occupies almost every industry so far. When you target a huge audience, you need a more powerful tool. AI is a new feature that comes with only a few email marketing tools. With AI, you can build smart analytics, predict user activities, follow customer trends, and also process a large chunk of information or data.

Automation is another great feature that you can see in every email marketing tool now. If you want to send personalized emails to thousands of people, automation makes the job easy and quick.

Upgrade the email experience with AI and automation. However, you need to use email marketing techniques wisely.

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User-Generated data in emails

User-generated content is a new trend that may be any type of content, such as text, videos, audio, images, tutorials, and anything. These things are created by your customers. User-generated content promotes conversion, so businesses love this trend in email marketing. New users will believe in your brand when the existing audience writes positively about it. In these modern days, every businessman looks for this feature in email marketing tools. 

Interactive emails

Interactive emails are the holy grail of marketing. This is also a new trend. Interactive emails can boost customer engagement and increase email interactions. Some of the examples are CTAs, animated buttons, rollover effects, surveys, polls, and other user-generated content.

Mobile Accessibility

We’re living in the era of the smartphone. Everyone uses smart devices, so email should be accessed by mobile recipients. Mobile-format mail can give a fresh feel to the readers. You must choose a mobile-friendly email marketing tool to capture more mobile usage for your brand. People love to check emails on their mobile phones frequently, so this might be a great initiative. 


The goal of email marketing is to earn customers and money. Personalization of email is playing a key role in revenue generation. It gives a new look to your email. It attracts customers so easily. Personalized emails will work effectively, so you can engage more customers easily.

Wrapping up

Email marketing is still a smart way to capture a new audience and keep the existing one. Current email marketing trends can break the barriers of businesses. However, you have the responsibility to find the email marketing tool that fits with email marketing trends in 2022.

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