Can marketing automation replace traditional email marketing platforms?

Email is an important component of any marketing plan, but it is not your sole means of communicating with clients. As social media, SMS messages, and chat boxes grow increasingly significant in your marketing plan, you will require the appropriate tools to manage all accessible communication channels. As a result, the distinctions between email marketing and marketing automation software solutions have begun to merge. A few years ago, the distinction between marketing automation and email marketing would have been straightforward:

Email marketing software is meant to deliver “batch and blast” emails while also allowing for segmentation, drip campaigns, automation, and analysis.

email marketing platforms

Marketing automation software automates marketing across all of your marketing channels, including social media, SMS, websites, and email. Multi-channel interactions with leads are developed and tracked within a single platform, enabling higher personalization and intelligent campaigns.

Great Features of Marketing Automation

Nurturing leads

This is the process of sending a series of automated emails to prospects to engage them with relevant content.

Personalized emails

Personalizing your emails will help your company retain a personal connection with its clients. marketing automation tool helps you send thousands of email at the same time. Want to try this? Please click here to see the demo.

Campaign management

Companies can also launch email marketing to increase leads as sales increase. It allows you to send tailored or direct emails to huge groups of people.

Landing pages and forms

Companies can also launch email marketing to increase leads as sales increase. It allows you to send tailored or direct emails to huge groups of people.

Outcomes of Marketing Automation

When looking at the pure practice of marketing automation, the result of marketing automation activities is to get quality leads, conversions, personalised messaging, and so on. Sales and marketing teams work together to generate qualified leads. The key to producing leads is to send the appropriate messages to the right prospects at the right time. Marketing automation will assist you in sending the right messages to your customers at the right time. This increases the possibilities of generating leads.

Uses of Traditional Email Marketing


Are you launching a discount or promotion? To increase sales, you might send an email marketing campaign to your subscribers. Additionally, use the following email marketing methods to increase conversions:

  • Coupons or special offers for subscribers birthdays/anniversaries, in welcome emails, and as a method to re-engage your audience.
  • When a visitor adds an item to their cart but does not check out, abandoned cart emails are sent.

Brand Awareness

What’s amazing about email is that it allows you to communicate with someone directly. It’s excellent one-on-one communication. And these days, people don’t just let anyone into their inboxes. It’s a carefully selected environment for your favorite brands and media. Appearing in someone’s email inbox will keep your brand fresh in the thoughts of your subscribers. A tailored marketing email has a high impact than a social media post because you never know who saw your emails.

Scalability is one of the best advantages of email marketing. This means that enormous numbers of emails can be sent to a small number of users while staying cost-effective (compared to other marketing channels).

Customer loyalty

The email encourages client loyalty at all stages of the buyer journey: lead nurturing, conversion, onboarding, and retention. Email marketing is also an important tool to utilize in conjunction with sales CRM systems to streamline communication.

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